Animist Arts (Directed by Larissa Kaul and Dare [sohei] Carrasquillo) create from a nondual animist lens, which means we treat all phenomena as beings and living systems that have inherent spirit-full capacity and agency, and exist outside of human concepts of good/bad or right/wrong. We understand all beings to be interdependent and impermanent, compound parts of ecosystems and collective bodies that arise, transform, and decay at varying scales and timelines.

We engage with artistic expression and creativity as ancestral technologies around which diverse social processes can aggregate, mutate, and distribute according to specific needs and contexts. This can range from individual research projects, devising works of art, shifts in organizational structures, bringing balance into relationships and communities, and creating deeper awareness and adaptation across networks, human and nonhuman. 

Play-as-Learning, Indigenous wisdom principles, queer ecology and disability justice show us ways to ethically manage our human desires, pains and fears as we work towards harm reduction and equitable social systems–while simultaneously cultivating our personal and collective death practices for the benefit of all beings, seen and unseen; known, unknown, and unknowable. 

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ANIMIST ARTS NEWSLETTER www.animistarts.art Animist Arts (Directed by Larissa Kaul and Dare [sohei] Carrasquillo) create social art and systemic transformation processes from a nondual animist lens.


Counselor turned Death clown, nondual animist arts, liberatory social design
Multidisciplinary artist focusing on animism, decolonizing perception & theater arts. I'm 44, mixed race, queer, sick & poor in America. I've developed deathclown, an offshoot of bouffon clown & deathpractice, a decolonial posttraumatic growth method